Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Secret

What is the secret to being financially "comfortable"?

Is it a big inheritance?

A Lottery win?

A high paying job?

Getting lucky in the stock market?

Finding a sugar daddy (or mommy)?

In my opinion, I'd pick none of the above. The real secret to comfortable finances is simple.

Spend less that you make!!!

I'll repeat it ... in case you missed that.

Spend less than you make!!!

It really is that simple. Its too bad that most people won't tell you that. They will tell you to invest your money. Buy mutual funds. Buy low. Sell High. And all those wonderful things. None of those are wrong. But the best solution is to spend less that you make. That way you will never be short of money.

Save what you don't spend. Invest that you save. Then you will have enough in retirement. Maybe even some to pass along to your children or grand-children.

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